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saved URLs


message me here or here if you’re interested in one of my saved urls, because i don’t have any use for most of these

(urls like this) are ones that i’ll probably give to anyone

[urls like this] are the urls that i’d like to give to someone i know will use them

[urls like this] are the ones i’m really damn attached to, and will probably only give away to friends/mutuals i’ve talked to

*urls with asterisks = previous urls of mine

  • [deputyjordan]
  • [orphangarrett]
  • [orphanassassins]
  • *[prettyprincesshale]
  • *[sethwearing]
  • [hydrafitz]
  • [thechamberofsecretss]
  • [isazelgus]
  • [bijohnnytuturro]
  • *[mrymorstan]
  • *(kingaml)
  • (joekavinsky)
  • (euphemiasuzaku)